Vote Compass is an online tool that shows how your views on the issues of the Ontario election campaign compare to those of the main political parties. Vote Compass asks you to answer questions about the issues, and then shows you where your answers place you in relation to the parties' policies.

Vote Compass also offers respondents the chance to rate the four provincial leaders in three areas: trustworthiness, competence and suitability as premier. The responses so far provide a fascinating look at where each leader is faring best, on a district-by-district basis. Take a look at our interactive graphic.

Clifton van der Linden and Jennifer Hove of the Vote Compass team joined CBC's Jack Nagler and Kristin Wozniak to discuss the leaders maps and took readers' questions and comments about Vote Compass. Read an archive of the discussion below.

Haven't tried it yet? You'll find Vote Compass here.