A pub owner in Regina is hoping to pull way ahead of the rest this St. Patrick's Day, with a goal of serving more pints of Guinness than any other bar in Canada.

The pub won those bragging rights last year.


Several beer lines have been hooked up, dedicated to serving Guinness at O'Hanlon's Pub. (CBC)

O'Hanlon's goes through about 30 kegs of the stout in an average week.

"There are 110 kegs of Guinness in here right now, with another 100 back up in the other room," said pub owner Niall O'Hanlon.

He says selling Irish beer in Saskatchewan has gotten easier lately because of an influx of his countrymen.

"What's going on in Ireland right now, is there's a building slump, which is the opposite of Regina. You have all these skilled tradesmen that are ready to go and they'll move anywhere for this work, so they follow the boom."

The Saskatchewan government has actively recruited hundreds of skilled workers from Ireland.

O'Hanlon says anyone with an Irish accent and passport can skip the St. Patrick's Day lineups today and head straight into his bar. During celebrations last year, drinkers at O'Hanlan's emptied 55 kegs, just under 5,000 pints in 12 hours.