A Regina postal worker has been charged with mail fraud, stealing mail, and possession of stolen goods.

Donald Sali was a driver for Canada Post. Police say he's responsible for the theft of 3,000 CD's. They don't say when the CD's disappeared, but Sali drove for Canada Post for three years. He's been suspended without pay.

Police Sgt. Dave Wyatt says police were investigating the sale of CD's to second-hand shops when they received a call from Canada Post, concerned about missing mail.

Wyatt says about $44,000 worth of CD's have been sold through the second-hand shops. He adds that a search of Sali's northwest Regina home uncovered about $75,000 in stolen goods.

Sali is scheduled to appear in court next month.

Meanwhile, Canada Post says despite the thefts, customers should still have confidence in the service. "There is an investigation on going at this time", says Dale Hippe. "We feel confident that it is limited to this one individual, and there are no other cases."

Hippe says people who ordered CD's but didn't receive them should contact Canada Post. "If anybody has any questions or concerns, or they believe there may have been some losses, they can contact Customer Service."

Customers can call the post office toll-free, at 1-800-267-1177.