The Swiss Air recovery operation off Peggy's Cove could resume by mid-April.

It was put on hold over a month ago so officials could figure how to get the rest of the aircraft off the ocean bottom.

Ever since Swiss Air 111 crashed last September, killing all 229 people on board, Transportation Safety Board officials have been trying to retrieve the wreckage.

They've used divers, a lift barge and more recently a scallop dragger.

The dragger operation was put on hold in February because the remainging wreckage is in a rocky shoal.

An investigator for the Safety Board says the 10 per cent of the aircraft still under water is critical to the accident investigation.

Safety Board officials believe it's too dangerous to use divers again.

They're hoping remotely operated mini-subs with robotic arms can do the job.

While the recovery operation will begin again by mid-April, the overall investigation of the Swiss Air crash will take two years to complete.