Popular Toronto restaurant The Real Jerk has been granted a temporary injunction that will allow the well known Caribbean restaurant to stay open for now.

Ed Pottinger and his wife Lily hired a lawyer to fight the eviction of the restaurant, which has been there for more than 20 years but was given notice to leave its long-time location at the corner of Queen Street East and Broadview Avenue over the Christmas holidays.

Restaurant manager Natalie Williams said earlier this week they were given "31 days to pack up and get out. It's unfair and not neighbourly."

The Real Jerk's owner argued he had a year-to-year lease agreement, while the property owner said it was month-to-month.

The restaurant owners asked the court to give them some more time so they can find a new location.

"If we were given extra time by the injunction, that's what we're going to focus on…give us the breathing room to check out this location, check out that location," Williams has said.