Health officials are investigating after the carcasses of what appears to be four dogs were found in a Chinese restaurant in Edmonton.

The skinned, frozen carcasses were discovered in a freezer at the Panda Garden restaurant early Tuesday.

Health inspector Richard Reive says he got a call from Edmonton animal welfare officers after they were tipped off by mall security guards.

"They took me back to the walk-in freezer and when you open the door there were four carcasses," he said. "Two were inside black garbage bags and the other two were exposed on the floor of the freezer."

Dogs, wolves or coyotes

Reive says he isn't sure if the animals are dogs, wolves or coyotes. Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials are analyzing the carcasses to determine what species they are.

Reive says no matter what the animal turn out to be, charges will almost certainly be laid because the meat was not inspected.

He says it doesn't think that any of the meat was fed to customers.

The restaurant has been closed and so far, the restaurant owners can't be found.