RCMP identifies sex offender living in Moncton

A convicted sex offender is staying in Moncton, at least for now. Reeno Hawke received some unwanted publicity recently when the RCMP released his photo and the name of his street.

Police say they were responding to people in the community concerned about their safety.

Hawke was known as Avery Allen Greenough back in the early 1980s when he sexually assaulted four women in Calgary. He served 17 years in prison before he was released in December.

Last month, he told police he came within seconds of killing a clerk at a sex shop in Brampton, Ont. Instead, he called his psychiatrist.

When Hawke moved to Moncton, Staff Sgt. Colin Farrar says the RCMP weighed personal rights against public safety, and then decided to release Hawke's picture and address.

"I don't say everybody has a reason to be concerned, but there is perhaps a certain element of society that should be concerned," he said.

Hawke's psychiatrist, Barbara Ross, says the important thing that happened in the Brampton incident is that Hawke knew to get help. Now she says he's back on his medication, off alcohol, and following curfew and strict rules set out by the courts.

"I believe that the chances of him re-offending are low. And we all hope it serves as another learning exercise, that further strengthens one's ability to remain a non-offending person," she said.

The publicity has already forced Hawke to move once within Moncton. But he plans to stay in the city and someday land a job.