RCMP boss caused controversy, tension: report

The head of the RCMP says there will be management changes after a review found that some consider his own leadership style to be controversial.

The head of the RCMP said there will be changes to senior management after a review found that his own style of leadership is considered by some to be controversial and has caused tension within the force.

"It is also anticipated that we will be moving forward in the near future with a number of changes to the structure and makeup of our senior management team," RCMP Commissioner William Elliott said in a staff email obtained by CBC News.

The proposed changes follow a completed review by former CSIS chief Reid Morden, who was hired to conduct an assessment after CBC News reported that some senior officers had accused Elliott of being verbally abusive, closed-minded, arrogant and insulting.

Elliott said that Morden found there was "an unhealthy level of tension and internal conflict" in the senior executive team and that those tensions escalated in the last month.

According to Elliott, Morden also reported that Elliott's management style was seen by some as "controversial, while others supported it."

As well, Elliott said Morden found that Elliott's actions, on occasion, "caused tensions" and that other tensions emanated from the pace of progress of implementing the transformation plan.

He said Morden recognized that much has already been accomplished, but that senior management needs to accelerate its work in some areas.