Race for mayor heats up in Regina

The race for mayor is heating up in Regina. Pat Fiacco got a boost in his campaign. He's been endorsed by the Regina Police Association.

The Association turned against mayor Doug Archer saying there are 31 fewer police officers on Regina's streets since he was first elected 12 years ago.

"In our collective view, policing must be given a greater priority," said Troy Hagen, president of the Regina Police Association.

Such an endorsement for Fiacco is unusual in municipal politics in Saskatchewan. It's the first time the Association has supported a municipal candidate in Regina.

Doug Archer isn't impressed.

"I don't think it's appropriate that a police union should be interfering in the democratic process of electing civic politicians," said Archer Monday. "It is no more appropriate for civic politicians to interfere in police investigations."

Fiacco however is pleased with the endorsement. He says if elected he promises to bring the level of policing to 1988 levels, the year Archer was first elected mayor.

The municipal election takes place October 25.