In 1957, Queen Elizabeth made her first visit to Canada since her accession, stopping in Ottawa and Hull. Since then, she has completed 21 more trips to Canada, journeying from coast to coast to coast.

Map: The Canadian visits

The map below plots every stop the Queen has made during a Canadian tour.

To see what year the Queen visited a place, for any visit, click on the balloon. The places she visited in 2010 are indicated with yellow balloons. Zoom in for more detail and place names.

View Queen Elizabeth II's royal visits in a larger map

Word cloud

The image below shows the places Queen Elizabeth has visited in Canada.

The more often the Queen visited a city, the larger it appears in the image. For example, Ottawa figures prominently in the graphic because Queen Elizabeth has visited the capital city 13 times. By comparison, she has stopped only once in Cobourg, Ont. (bottom right of the image)