Quebec OKs right turns on red lights

All Quebec communities outside Montreal Island adopt new law allowing right turns on red lights, with exceptions at some intersections

Even the most adroit driver has faced an obstacle while manoeuvring around Quebec over the years. But now the province has eased its law against turning right on red traffic lights.

Motorists were allowed to make the turns for the first time in most communities on the weekend, but they were advised to watch carefully for exceptions to the regulation.

Turning right on a red is still banned on Montreal Island and at certain intersections in other parts of the province.

In Longueuil on Montreal's south shore, for example, the turns are permitted at only about half of the intersections.

In some areas, red light turns are only allowed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Quebec's provincial police, Sret du Qubec, says there were no major problems with the debut of the right-on-red law.

Road signs have been posted in areas where the turns are prohibited.

Still, some motorists were a little confused Sunday. "I didn't even know I could turn right on red, not until just now," said one man.

"I saw a police car and I didn't know: should I or shouldn't I?" said another man.

Some agreed with the decision not to ease up on drivers in Montreal, where pedestrians routinely jaywalk and motorists often don't even stop at red lights.

"I think it would be very dangerous to let Montrealers turn right on a red," said one driver.