Quebec's health minister says he may set up no-fault compensation for victims of medical malpractice.

Remy Trudel says he's looking for better ways to help victims of medical misfortunes.

Trudel says patients who are misdiagnosed and receive improper treatment need more information about what happened to them.

The minister says a no-fault plan is one of several options he is considering.

"We will have a special group who will study what are the possible effects of a no-fault regime in the matter of... medical care in Quebec," says Trudel.

Trudel says more than 99 per cent of hospital patients in Quebec get good medical treatment but there is a small number who end up suffering a great deal because of complications.

He says patients are sometimes misdiagnosed.

"Maybe because you are in a rushed situation," says Trudel. He admits mistakes sometimes happen but he doesn't know how to prevent them.

"We should know more precisely about each accident, each phenomenon."

The Quebec Order of Nurses blames low staffing levels and inexperienced medical staff.

The order just completed a three-year survey which found a growing number of patients are getting the wrong medication or falling out of bed.

The order says nurses now have less time with their patients and too many nurses have less than two years experience.

The organization has made recommendations to the province including ongoing training for nurses.

Trudel says he's not sure what the causes are. He's compiling information so accident victims will better understand what happened to them.

The minister says he's not sure when he'll have the report out.