Quadruplets born to family of eight

A Montreal woman has given birth to what are probably the first quadruplets of the year 2000. The quads were born Wednesday at the Jewish General Hospital.

The three boys and one girl were born to David and Chaya Engel, who already have six children.

David Engel says ten is a good number of children to have. "In Jewish tradition, ten people is a quorum, called a 'minyan.' So we have our very own quorum now that we can celebrate all holidays together with."

Engel says his quadruplets are a perfectly natural phenomenon, not the result of fertility drugs.

He says the doctor told him and his wife to buy a lottery ticket, because the chances of having quadruplets without the help of drugs is almost nil.

The babies were born prematurely at 29 weeks. But Doctor Julia Solomon, who specializes in high-risk births at the Jewish General Hospital, says they are doing fine.

"They all exceed one kilogram. And up to this point, are functioning well from a lung point of view. It's really just a matter of them growing and putting on weight and learning how to eat," Solomon says.

The babies are expected to stay in hospital for about two months.