Prime Minister Stephen Harper says most Canadians don't care about a dispute he's having with the national press gallery in Ottawa.

"I think frankly it's all inside Ottawa stuff," Harper told reporters in British Columbia.

The prime minister's office wants reporters in the Ottawa press gallery to sign onto a list. From that list, the Prime Minister's Office will decide who gets to ask a question at a news conference.

But the press gallery is refusing, insisting that they be allowed to choose who asks the questions.

On Wednesday, Harper said he'll no longer give news conferences for the parliamentary press gallery, after this dispute led a number of journalists to walk away from an event when he refused to take their questions.

"I don't ask tocontrol the editorial policies of newspapers but we do set up our own press conferences," Harper said Thursday.

"I think history would indicate that we're very open to anyone who wants to ask a question. We keep a very complete list of all who request."

Harper has said from now on he will speak only to local media.

When asked if his feud with the press gallery is "childish," Harper responded that "I don't think it matters to people."