Proposed Banff museum on interned Ukrainians gains support

A proposal for a museum in Banff, commemorating the imprisonment of Ukrainians during World War I, is getting a boost from a Manitoba member of parliament.

Alliance MP Inky Mark has introduced a private members' bill to recognize injustices done to Ukrainians during World War I.

"I've always been a believer that the bleak moments in Canadian history need to be acknowledged and recognized by all Canadians," says Mark.

It's estimated 6,000 Ukrainians were interned during the war, many at Banff. They were forced to build roads and other infrastructure in Banff National Park.

Mark wants a museum built on the site of one of the two internment camps.

Knowing how rare it is to see a private member's bill come to pass, Mark says he's willing to go right to the prime minister on this one.

An official with the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association says his organization has been fighting for this museum for more than 15 years.

CBC Radio's Alison Crawford reports