A new online survey of P.E.I. youth shows they face multiple challenges in education and employment, and don't believe government is helping them overcome those challenges.

Steve McQuaid - Custom

P.E.I. needs to develop a new system of supports for youth, says Steve McQuaid, vice president, Community Foundation of P.E.I. (Community Foundation of P.E.I.)

The Community Foundation of P.E.I. is behind the study, called Taking the Pulse of Island Youth. It surveyed more than 200 young people between the ages of 15 and 29.

Foundation vice president Steve McQuaid said while there were some positives, such as the highest voting numbers in the country, there are also many challenges.

"A lot of concerns about employment that pays a living wage, where they can kind of have their own apartments and begin to establish their own lives. A lot of issues and concerns around paying for debt after they have their post secondary education," said McQuaid.

"Increasingly we're going to have fewer young people on P.E.I. than we have the older generation. It's going to be imperative that as much as possible we understand what kind of supports young people need to be successful and to try to build those supports in as they go from junior high to high school to university."

Ninety-nine percent of those surveyed felt government was not doing an adequate job in addressing challenges facing Island youth.