There's the love of a new baby, the love of an old marriage, the love of a best friend, and the love of a favourite pet.

For Valentine's Day, we asked what love looks like to you, and you shared photos of its many iterations.


'What made my wedding the best was all our family celebrating with us — especially my late mom,' says Justin Simard. (Submitted by Justin Simard)


To Craig Abbott, love is smiling siblings. (Submitted by Craig Abbott)


For Michelle Johnston, love is brothers looking out for their little sister. (Submitted by Michelle Johnston)


'They met in elementary school and since then they have both started their first jobs together, they have learned to drive a car together, they have seen parts of the world together and now they will be graduating together!' wrote Shannon Clancey Daszko. (Submitted by Shannon Clancey Daszko )


'Love is growing something you've both made, together; with love,' wrote Kennedy Misener. (Submitted by Kennedy Misener)


George and Marion Smith have been married 63 years and are still in love. (Submitted by Karen Smith)


Leanne Feehan says to her, love is her 'smiling, happy, loving and goofy' family. (Submitted by Leanne Feehan)


Melanie Power snapped this candid shot of her husband and daughter. 'She is definitely Daddy's girl!' she wrote. (Submitted by Melanie Power)


To Danielle Burnett, love is the man who followed her to P.E.I. from California while she completes her Ph.D at the Atlantic Veterinary College. (Submitted by Danielle Burnett)


Hannah Katelyn sent in this photo of her and her husband. 'I would not be where I am today without my Batman (as I am his Robin),' she wrote. (Submitted by Hannah Katelyn)


Sarah Elizabeth shared this cuddly shot on Facebook. (Submitted by Sarah Elizabeth)


Nichola Hewitt shared this photo of unconditional puppy love. (Submitted by Nichola Hewitt)

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