The P.E.I. Human Rights Commission is working to include gender expression and identity into the provincial human rights code.

Commission chair Anne Nicholson said people who are transgendered are already protected under the code, but this addition would mean their rights would be fully acknowledged, and it could encourage people to step forward when there are issues.

"People can see that their rights are included in our human rights code, and when that's the case people are more likely to come forward with a complaint," said Nicholson.

"Otherwise, they are really feeling vulnerable and to go in to look for help for a human rights violation, then they may feel they'll be rejected on the basis of it's not in our code and we may not offer protection."

The commission has been working with the province for a couple of years get gender identity added to the rights regarding sex discrimination. Nicholson hopes to have the addition made to the human rights code when the legislature sits in the fall.

Similar changes have been made Manitoba and Nova Scotia.