A Charlottetown councillor wants the city to change how and when it repairs roads.

Mitchell Tweel says many side streets are in need of repair and should be a bigger priority.   

"We need to pulverize these streets and re-pave them. That's what the residents want and that's what they deserve,” said Tweel, the Ward 4-St. Avard's councillor. “Furthermore, they're paying big taxes. They've waited and they've waited long enough.”

Tweel wants the city to re-evaluate how they choose which streets get repaired and which ones don't. 
Charlottetown public works rates its streets on a system called 'worst-first’ meaning the worse the conditions, the faster the streets will get repaired.

Each street is evaluated at least once every three years. The same inspector evaluates all the streets in the city, so each one is judged equally.  

"The four categories we have are cracking, rutting and distortions, potholes and patches and bleeding or raveling, which is an asphalt that is too wet or too dry,” said Paul Johnston, the manager of Public Works in Charlottetown.

Tweel said the system that is currently in place is simply not working and the residents are frustrated.

The city says its rating system has been in place for more than 15 years and it has no plans to change it.