The chair of the P.E.I. Workers Compensation Board will be watching for any changes to security at board offices across the country in the wake of last week's hostage-taking in Alberta.

Nine people were held at gunpoint for up to 10 hours at the Worker's Compensation Board building in Edmonton. A 38-year-old man has been charged in connection with the incident.

Provincial board chair Nancy Guptill told CBC News Tuesday the incident will be discussed at a national level.

"One gets very concerned and wanting safety first of all for all workers in any work place," said Guptill.

"It was something that I was thoughtful about and concerned about. We'll be looking at other jurisdictions in fact. It is something that will be talked about at the national level, and it will be something that all boards I'm sure across the nation will be looking at."

Guptill said the P.E.I. board is constantly reviewing its security policies to ensure the safety of staff and clients.