'I'm super excited': Wood Islands Lighthouse chosen as attraction for Disney Cruise Line

The Wood Islands Lighthouse has been selected as an on-shore attraction for passengers on Disney Magic cruise ship.

'To have Disney come, even to look at the place was fantastic'

Caitlin Keller of Massachusetts takes a photo of the Wood Islands Lighthouse on her tour of the Island. (Tom Steepe/CBC)

The Wood Islands Lighthouse is a popular place for tourists to stop and take a few pictures.

This fall, hundreds of guests aboard Disney Magic will have the same opportunity, when the ship docks in Charlottetown for the first time.

The Wood Islands Lighthouse has been selected as an on-shore attraction for the ship. The selection process began almost a year ago, when lighthouse manager Bev Stewart received a call saying a "couple of gentlemen … with a special cruise line" were looking for a tour.

Disney Magic will have 2,400 passengers aboard when it docks in Charlottetown in the fall. (Disney)

"I said ya, sure. So, I come down, we set everything up," said Stewart.

When representatives from Disney concluded their tour, they immediately gave the lighthouse a seal of approval — a rating of market ready, meaning everything was in place for the lighthouse to host guests from the ship.

The coastal room at the Wood Islands Lighthouse was one of the exhibits Disney representatives liked the most during their visit to P.E.I. (Tom Steepe/CBC)

"They were super impressed with us, the way the lighthouse is set up, our interaction for the children," said Stewart.

That was last summer. It wasn't until this past March when Disney made it official signing by a contract with the lighthouse.

Passengers from Disney Magic will also tour the historic Point Prim Lighthouse. (Getty Images)

Disney Magic carries about 2,400 passengers. Guests will travel the hour drive to Wood Islands Lighthouse and will have 30 minutes to explore the structure, along with the craft shop and visitor center.

"It is astronomical for us. Even the advertising we're going to get of having them come here. Us as a small group, could never pay for that, and to have it happen is wonderful," said Stewart.

The Wood Islands Lighthouse is going to be a busy place this summer and into the shoulder season. (Tom Steepe/CBC)

It will not be the only lighthouse on the tour. Guests will also visit the Point Prim Lighthouse.

Doreen Huestis with the Point Prim said it's a wonderful opportunity to promote the history of two of P.E.I.'s oldest lighthouses and the entire Points East Coastal Drive.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to pose for pictures in front of the Brighton Lighthouse in Charlottetown before boarding the ship.