With more than six months to go before its year-end, the group that runs Anderson House women's shelter in Charlottetown says its food budget for the year is almost gone.

Danya O'Malley, manager of P.E.I. Family Violence Prevention Services, said it's been a busy summer for the group with an increased caseload, and it's already spent much of its $7,000 grocery budget.

"We've been especially seeing a lot of young children and a lot of young pregnant women this summer, which means that we have a lot of need for food, especially healthy food," said O'Malley.

"When someone's expecting it's really important they get enough fresh foods, dairy etc. So our grocery bill's actually been quite a bit higher this year."

O'Malley believes more people are becoming aware of Anderson House and its services. She said her organization has been receiving more calls from the family and friends of victims of family violence.

The organization is looking for donations of non-perishable food items. It's also planning a fundraiser for November.