Atlantic University Sport will hold next year's women's basketball championship at Halifax's Metro Centre.

This year's championship was held at UPEI in Charlottetown, with Saint Mary's University bringing home the crown. The tournament has been moving around the region to different schools, but next year it will move to a much larger venue.

Phil Currie - custom

Fan support for women's basketball has been growing, says Phil Currie, executive director of Atlantic University Sport. (CBC)

"The fan base is really getting behind them. Numbers are increasing in terms of attendance and interest in the game," said AUS executive director Phil Currie.

"I think this is just going to add to that and really help elevate things to another level for the women's."

Men's AUS teams have been competing at the Metro Centre for years. Emily Jameson, who plays for Saint Mary's University, is excited by the opportunity.

"I think it'll be great for the next generation of players to get to experience that, playing in that atmosphere, because it was just phenomenal," said Jameson.

The AUS says some coaches are concerned women's basketball is being overshadowed by the men's sport.

"We want to avoid any of that all together," said Currie.

"We see this as two separate championships. We'll promote it as two separate championships."

If the 2015 championship goes well, the AUS says the Metro Centre will become the permanent home of the women's basketball championships in the Atlantic region.