Canadian Blood Services says there's been a drop in donations due to the holidays and the poor weather. (CBC )

Poor weather over the holidays is creating problems for Canadian Blood Services, which has seen a drop in donations on the Island.

The Christmas season typically means a decline in donations, but this year the bad weather has made things worse.

Spokeswoman Michelle Thibodeau Coates said the charitable organization is looking for O negative blood type in particular.

“We certainly had a few days where we struggled specifically in P.E.I. with the weather,” she said. “And many of our donors weren't able to make it into the clinics.

“It does cause some challenges and we know that we still have many months of this ahead. The need for blood is constant. One car accident can use up to 50 units of blood.

“So that would be like all of the donations collected at one of the longer days at the Charlottetown clinic — one person could use all of those units when they’re in a car accident.”

Thibodeau Coates said there is still enough blood to meet the demand on P.E.I., thanks to a national inventory.