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Winsloe Lions Club director Douglas Cook says building heating costs will eat into funds usually offered to the community. (CBC)

Paying for heat this winter has been difficult for P.E.I. community groups with limited funds.

Peter Mutch, executive director of the Catholic Family Service Bureau of P.E.I., said his group went over budget this year to heat its three-storey building.

"We had to start using heat a lot earlier because of the cold weather coming a lot earlier, and it seems to be lasting a lot longer as well. So when you are looking at $2,000 a month it does have a huge impact on our budget," he said.

Bureau officials don't want to cut services to pay for the oil. For now, the plan is to do extra fundraising.

Winsloe Lions Club is also adding new fundraisers to help deal with heating bills that have gone up 50 per cent in two years. But it's a small club with 19 members and every fundraiser requires volunteers.

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The Catholic Family Service Bureau of P.E.I. is over budget this year due to heating costs, says Peter Mutch, executive director. (CBC)

Fundraisers are often used to help families with medical expenses. But this year, club members know they won't be helping as many people this year.

"With the more money that we have to put out in costs to maintain the building, it means less money that we can get out to somebody in need or somebody in the community that we are there for," said director Douglas Cook.

The club also plans to research less expensive ways to heat the building in case next winter is just as rough.

"It's on our minds, always thinking about it," said Cook.