Kensington's wind turbine is now back up and running, after being out of service for about a year.

The turbine supplies power to the town's waste treatment plant, but the generator attached to the blades broke down.

Last week, it was finally fixed after many months of waiting for new parts, and the town having to cover the extra electricity costs.

"Because it was out for a year, it was basically another $25,000 additional operating costs for the town, which we do not expect to have in 2016," said Kensington Mayor Rowan Casely.

The cost of powering the water treatment plant is about $2,000 a month, but most months the wind turbine covers that completely.

The new generator cost about $97,000 U.S., but the town's insurance company covered everything, except the $10,000 deductible.

The wind turbine was built seven years ago, paid for by the town.