John MacDonald said he never heard about the public meeting regarding the proposed wind energy farm in Hermanville. (CBC)

A group of residents near Hermanville in northeastern P.E.I. is making complaints about a proposal for a wind farm in the area, saying they have been kept in the dark on the plans.

Last week the province held an information session attended by close to 100 people. There was standing room only in St. Margarets Community Hall, with most of the people in the room showing support for the project.

The plan is for 10 turbines generating a total of 30 megawatts of power. The province is planning on opening the wind farm next year.

But now a group of landowners, many from the U.S., is saying, the province gave them only a few days notice of the meeting. John MacDonald told CBC News he never even knew about it.

"Nobody heard. I mean it's not just U.S., even fellow Canadians who would like to know, because it's going to effect everybody," said MacDonald.

Julie Shore, who established a distillery close to an inn she purchased a few years ago near the proposed wind farm's location, said the plan completely changes the conditions that made her want to buy the property.


Julie Shore says she moved to the area for the sound of the sea and pigs, not the sound of wind turbines. (CBC)

"The one reason why we selected to move here to Hermanville was the beauty of it," said Shore.

"To certainly hear the ocean, and the pigs, but not the noise of the turbines."

The province said it will hear all input from landowners by Friday. They maintain they've contacted all 50 property owners living in or close to the development area.

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