A group of students from P.E.I.'s Atlantic Veterinary College is heading to Nova Scotia to help care for a herd of wild horses.

The horses have been living wild near Windsor, Hants County, for about 40 years. It began with just a few horses, but has grown to up to 20.

Brittni Milligan is a third-year student at AVC and is originally from Hants County. She and about 15 other students plan to make the trip in the spring. 

“We'll be going there and doing physical exams and doing hoof trims, and likely be helping out with gelding the stallions so they can all be housed in the same area in one big herd,” she said.

“We don't see wild horses very often, if ever, so I think a lot of people were really interested because it is such a unique experience as well."

Safety concerns

A Facebook page called Save Nova Scotia's Wild Horses is devoted to the project.

It says the wild herd started when a farmer rescued the animals from slaughter. He cared for them for decades and the horses graze on a large tract of land, but the farmer is now too old to maintain the fences.

The group hopes to relocate them to a better area in the spring, as locals worry the horses could cause accidents or spread diseases.