The use of whiteboards in some Island hospital rooms is improving communication between medical staff, patients and their families, hospital officials say.

The whiteboards are placed next to a patient’s bed and contain information such as who is caring for the patient that day, the discharge plan and goals.

Patients and families can also place questions on the board.

Karen Dunn, manager of Unit 3 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, one of two units at the hospital using the boards, says response has been really positive.

"That's one of the great things about the whiteboard is that the information is right there and that the patients and family know who the contact information is and so if they have a question, they know the individual they can direct it to."

The whiteboards have been used in other hospitals in Canada and the U.S., but were just brought to P.E.I. recently.

The boards are also being used at the Kings County Memorial Hospital in Montague.

Dunn notes the plan is to eventually have whiteboards in other hospital units and facilities across the province.