Summerside Western Capitals have received offers to relocate within P.E.I. (Hockey Canada)

The general manager of the Summerside Western Capitals says he is hopeful he can strike a deal with the city on use of the arena.

That's even as a league deadline passed to declare where the Maritime Junior A hockey team will play next season.

Pat McIver said there was good progress in negotiations Thursday.

"We've got a lot of the issues basically put to bed. You know, we're down to basically one major hurdle right now and in my opinion we're pretty close. We just need a little bit more time and hopefully can still get a deal done," said McIver.

McIver said he has come to terms with city managers on details such as ice rental fees, skybox rentals and signage.

And while he won't go into details, he said there is one major issue to resolve.

"You know, I really don't want to get into it because we're not done yet and it's between us and the city right now. But we're getting close and I don't foresee us not getting the deal done, but stranger things have happened I guess."

The Maritime Junior Hockey League board of governors is meeting for the next several days in Pictou, N.S.

While all teams were supposed to declare to the board where they'll be playing next season by Thursday night, McIver is asking for an extension to complete the negotiations.

If the Capitals can't strike a deal with Summerside city managers, McIver says the team has received offers to relocate to other towns on P.E.I.