West Prince map

With new buses to work with, Transportation West is considering different ways of providing service in western P.E.I. (Google Maps)

A non-profit transportation organization in western P.E.I. is looking to grow its service by creating volunteer-driven taxi system.

It would help seniors, those on low-incomes, people with disabilities, and those who use wheelchairs.

Transportation West has provided regular transportation services in western P.E.I. for 14 years. It recently got a $135,000 federal grant to buy two new buses that can transport four wheelchairs and 12 passengers. It now wants to convert its two smaller vehicles into a volunteer-driven taxi service.

"Here in West Prince there is not a taxi service. We've looked at other provinces where they do have volunteer driver programs to create affordable options for people," said Transportation West chair John Martin.

"We're pretty darn excited actually. Most recently I had a conversation with the manager of the O'Leary Farmers Co-op with the notion of creating a partnership with us, where we could bring local people into the local business area where they could do some shopping, and it could be a very interesting partnership."

The volunteer service could also take passengers to Charlottetown and Summerside for the price of gas.

Martin said the volunteer taxi service is something the board of Transportation West is discussing for the new year.