A Cornwall watershed group is expanding to include an area that will soon provide Charlottetown with a quarter of its water supply.

The Cornwall and Area Watershed Group says it plans to keep an eye on water levels in Coles Brook.  The City of Charlottetown is digging five new wells in that area that will be capable of pumping 4,000 litres of water a minute.

Group member Karalee McAskill said members will set up a steering committee to find out what those living in the area want them to do.

"We're going to ask them exactly what their concerns are, and then we're going to try to meet those needs for them," said McAskill.

"Would like their water levels monitored, would they want to know how much is being discharged now, and they might ask us to monitor that for 20 years to find out how much of an impact the well has upon those discharge amounts."

McAskill said they hope to set up the steering committee next spring.