Coun. Eddie Rice is confident council will recognize the importance of the water and sewer projects. (Brendan Elliott/CBC)

Charlottetown's sewer and water utility has prepared a nine-year to-do list of major projects with a total price tag of $42.5-million.

The 10-project list includes the Spring Park combined sewer separation project currently underway and expanding the use of water meters in Charlottetown homes.

Coun. Eddie Rice, chair of the city's water and sewer utility, wants to see city council keep all of the projects as top priorities.

"We have to look at what our priorities are regarding the basic services to the citizens of Charlottetown," said Rice.

"It will be the council ultimately that will decide how many things are done. We know what we have to do."

Only $9 million of the $42.5 million needed to complete the long list of projects, or just over 20 per cent, has been approved. But Rice believes council recognizes how serious the need is for these projects, and believes the money will be there.