Wildlife officials on P.E.I. are warning people to keep an eye out for baby birds that may have blown out of their nest.

In the past two weeks five baby eagles and three baby osprey have been found on the ground. The small animal hospital at the Atlantic Veterinary College tried to bring the baby birds back to health but all three osprey died.

Only two of the five eaglets survived. One is still being treated at the AVC and the other was sent to a bird rehab centre in Nova Scotia.

Provincial wildlife officer Chuck Gallison says it's not an uncommon problem this time of year because the birds are fledging which means they're starting to spread their wings. He also says it’s been quite windy the past few weeks.


Baby birds, like these osprey, are fledging at this time of the year, which means they're starting to spread their wings. (Chelsea Pullen and Katie Hauser)

"So everything is lined up like we say in that perfect storm," Gallison said. "They fledge from 10 to 12 weeks so from the time they're born to that 12 week period if you have a good windy storm there's definitely eagles or osprey on the ground. They don't have the strength in their talons just to hang on."

Gallison says people should cover any baby birds found with a cardboard box for shelter and contact the department of wildlife.