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Lightweight and bulky, Styrofoam is expensive to ship, which makes recycling difficult to make affordable. ((Phil Poetker))

The Island Waste Management Corporation has done the math on recycling Styrofoam and says it's not affordable for P.E.I. yet.

Styrofoam is light and bulky, so the Waste Watch program would need compacting equipment which costs about $100,000 to send it off Island. Moore said the price Waste Watch would get for the end product wouldn't necessarily cover that cost.

"The product sold into recycling markets probably at best might cover the cost of doing that work," said Moore.

"In a lot of cases, particularly based on the volume that we would get here on P.E.I., it would not. And as a result you'd basically lose money for every truckload that you were able to process and send off Island."

Moore said Styrofoam recycling is only a few years old and the price for the end product is volatile because of changing demand.

Moore said until it makes financial sense, Styrofoam will continue to end up in the landfill.

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