Gerry Moore

Island Waste Manangement Corporation CEO Gerry Moore says education is key to enforcing rules for garbage sorting on P.E.I. (CBC)

Island Waste Management Corporation has begun to increase its enforcement of the rules and regulations on sorting garbage across P.E.I.

Chief Executive Officer Gerry Moore says collectors are finding material in the waste carts that's not supposed to be there.

"I think the biggest thing is having recyclable material, you know, cardboard ... recyclable plastics and metals in the waste cart."

Moore says they want Island residents to take sorting more seriously.

"We have stepped up our efforts. Both our drivers and IWMC staff, because we realize that it is important you know, as I indicated, to recycle and compost all the material we possibly can, and we find our efforts work."

IWMC has rules of what can and what can't go in waste bins. If Island residents don't follow the rules they could receive a warning tag.

Garbage bins

Island Waste Management Corporation will be enforcing garbage sorting rules across P.E.I. (CBC )

Moore says if the warnings are not heeded and the resident doesn't comply with the rules, a final warning is issued.

If that happens, then IWCA will not pick up the garbage.

Moore says sometimes it takes a bit of education to resolve the issue. He adds the more people know about sorting, the less garbage goes into the landfill.

"We have a great program here on Prince Edward Island. We're the envy of a lot of jurisdictions all across North America. But you know at the same time, it's still important for us to make those that I guess, or try educate those that are not doing it correctly, to do it correctly."