Wasps can be pesky on your back deck, but they also keep down caterpillar populations. (CBC)

Residents around the Maritimes have been complaining about the number of wasps buzzing around their back decks.

It's been a banner year for wasps, say pest control experts. Dave Holland of Braemar Pest Control in Halifax said the warm, dry weather is the biggest reason for seeing high numbers.

"It's been a bumper crop," said Holland.

"Hurricanes and wind storms and what not and rain can destroy colonies. This year we've had just great seasons for them."

Holland said September is mating season, so more of the wasps can be seen flying around.

"The wasps actually don't mate in the same colonies," he said.

"You'll see them foraging for food, they're trying to exist."

Wasps eat caterpillars and flies, and are an important factor in controlling numbers of those insects. Because of their diet, they also tend to be attracted to compost boxes, where flies and caterpillars congregate.