A yellow-throated warbler has been spotted in central P.E.I., just the second time the bird has been documented on the Island.

'Unfortunately for the bird it does not look good.' — Dwaine Oakley, Holland College

The bird has become a regular at Liz MacKay's feeder in York, just north of Charlottetown. MacKay was quite excited after identifying the bird.

"I immediately called my husband at work and I said, 'Look what we found,'"

"From my little bird feeder here, this is pretty funny to be able to see something like that."

MacKay first noticed the bird a week ago, and it's been coming back, usually three times day, ever since.

Dwaine Oakley, a wildlife expert at Holland College, said warbler is well north of its normal range in the southeastern United States. The sighting may be a thrill for birders, he said, but it is probably bad news for the warbler.

"Unfortunately for the bird it does not look good," said Oakley, adding the bird would like have a hard time surviving the weather.

"Especially when it comes to snow fall."

It's possible the bird got disoriented in a fall storm and flew north, instead of south, Oakley said.