A memorial wall commemorating soldiers from Prince County who died in combat was unveiled Saturday night at Credit Union Place in Summerside.

The Wall of Remembrance honours those who lost their lives during the World Wars, the Korean Conflict and Afghanistan.

'All of a sudden it becomes really personal.' - Jay Gallant, Wall of Remembrance organizer

Communities across Canada have memorials to war dead, but organizer Jay Gallant says this indoor wall will better serve the needs of aging veterans who come to Summerside to pay their respects.

"I have an uncle who died in the war and his name is on a concrete slab. And, I'm sorry, but that doesn't do anything for me at all," said Gallant.

"So what we're doing here in Prince County is gathering the 200-plus war dead that we have, we'll go back as far as the Civil War if we have to, get a photograph, put a name, age and the hometown. So now, all of a sudden it becomes really personal."

Kathy Bulger

Kathy Bulger's son Cpl. Nick Bulger was killed in Afghanistan five years ago. (CBC)

Kathy Bulger of Summerside lost her son Cpl. Nick Bulger, a soldier in Afghanistan, five years ago this week.

"It's very touching as Nick's mom, to have this done, knowing that he's buried here on P.E.I. and that they're honouring him."

Kendra Mellish's husband Warrant Officer Frank Mellish died in Afghanistan in 2006.

"It is emotional for us, but it's nice to know our communities still honour today's veterans," she said.

Remembrance Day ceremonies may eventually be held at the wall.

Students from University of Prince Edward Island are now conducting research into soldiers from western P.E.I. Names of war dead they uncover will be added to the wall.

Jay Gallant

The Wall of Remembrance includes photographs, the name, age and hometown of fallen soldiers from Prince County, says organizer Jay Gallant. (Brian Higgins/CBC)