Volunteers will travel to P.E.I. this summer to help build Habitat for Humanity homes for families in need. (CBC)

Habitat for Humanity has organized a number of volun-tours this summer, where people will come to visit P.E.I. and spend their vacation building a home for a family in need.

People from anywhere in the world can sign up to help build homes. They have to pay for their trip, as well as their accommodations and food, and they spend the week volunteering.

"The draw is that these are people who are already going to be taking a vacation, but want to do something a little more meaningful," said Susan Zambonin, executive director of Habitat for Humanity P.E.I.

"They want to go and volunteer for five days and then stay for a few extra days of R & R, see the sites where they're going."

Zambonin said the volun-tourists can ease the pressure on local volunteers, who are asked to contribute again and again.

There are already four groups signed up to visit P.E.I. to build. The first arrives on June 22.