A P.E.I. woman is bringing awareness about the struggles of individuals with visual impairments through a new play based on her own experiences.

Due to complications from diabetes, Marieve MacGregor experienced blindness during her pregnancy with her son.

"The day after he was born, I couldn't see a thing. It was complete blackout."              

Marieve MacGregor

Marieve MacGregor has written a dark comedy about her experiences with visual impairment. (CBC)

MacGregor was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, or bleeding of the retinas. She has battled the condition and its treatments for three years.              

MacGregor wants to shed light on the issue through humour and has written a dark comedy for the Island Fringe Festival called Blindness: A Dark Comedy, which tells her story through the use of dance, hula hoops, music, narration and short scenes.              

"It's a very scary thing: to be able to see and suddenly it's taken away from you and you have to adjust to the cane and to getting around differently and finding your way around," said MacGregor.

"So this show is really about opening up that dialogue about what it is to live like this. There's a lot more people who have vision impairment in Charlottetown than a lot of people seem to realize and you have to have a sense of humour about yourself and about life, like, 'Well, this is my lot in life, I've got to deal with it.'"

The Island Fringe festival runs from August 6 to 9.