The City of Charlottetown is close to approving some big changes for Victoria Park.

A consultant has finished the final draft of a new master plan for the park. It outlines changes to parking, traffic flow, and the boardwalk.

The changes include:

  • The road that runs along the water will go back to two-way traffic.
  • The cycling lane will be removed.
  • The boardwalk will be replaced by a wider wooden path for use by walkers and cyclists.
  • Docks will be built off the new path for public access from the water.
  • Roads within the park will be eliminated.
  • The main entrance and parking lot will be off of Brighton Road.
  • Warming huts will make the park more user-friendly in the winter.

The new master plan was put to the public this spring.

The city wants to go ahead with some of these changes this summer and has set aside $100,000. Council will likely decide which changes to implement first at a meeting next month.


  • Charlottetown city council has not yet approved the plan, as was previously reported.
    Jun 27, 2013 12:42 PM AT