Any major changes to Charlottetown's Victoria Park won't happen before more public meetings are held, says the chair of the parks and recreation committee.

Council recently released its master plan for the park, following extensive public consultation. One of the proposed changes includes widening the boardwalk to allow bikes, rollerskates, strollers and pedestrians to use the path together.

Some local residences petitioned to not have a multi-use boardwalk. They asked for another public meeting. Parks and recreation committee chair Coun. Melissa Hilton said they will get it.

"We are required by the Victoria Park bylaw to go to a public meeting," said Hilton.

"That's, of course, what we'll be doing with any major changes: we'll be engaging the public."

Hilton said no changes are planned for the boardwalk any time soon.

The city has $100,000 in this year's budget for changes to the park. Hilton said it could be spent on a new gateway at the Brighton Road entrance or signs throughout the park.

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