Ray Cantelo entering court Dec. 10. (CBC)

A trial for impaired driving causing death heard testimony Monday from the husband of the woman who died in the accident.

Bernard and Stacy Cheverie were out on their motorcycle Oct. 22, 2011 when they struck a van at an intersection near Montague in eastern P.E.I. Stacy Cheverie died at the scene.

The motorcycle had the right of way at the intersection. Ray Cantelo was charged with impaired driving causing death.

Cheverie testified in P.E.I. Supreme Court Monday that he and his wife had decided to take the motorcycle out for a ride that day simply because it was beautiful weather.

Cheverie said as they approached the intersection of Peakes and St. Patricks roads a vehicle pulled out from the stop sign and stopped in their path. He could not stop in time.

"Her last word was a scream," said Cheverie.

He was thrown from the motorcycle. People in the courtroom began crying as he described how he tried to get to his wife, who was lying on the ground, but his injuries were too severe.

Cheverie said Cantelo got out of the van and looked at him, then left.

That story was corroborated by another witness, who on Monday described how Cantelo got out of the van and asked her if anyone was hurt. She told him yes, and then he drove away.

Cheverie suffered broken ribs, broken vertebrae, a punctured lung and a concussion. He was in a coma in Halifax for a few weeks.

On cross examination, defence lawyer Brenda Picard asked Cheverie if his memories of the event may be mistaken because of the trauma.

Cheverie answered simply, "No."

Testimony in the trial continues Tuesday.