Dozens of people filled the common room at the Beach Grove home in Charlottetown for a special service for veterans who can't make it to the cenotaph on Sunday.

The Charlottetown Legion has held the ceremony the day before Remembrance Day for decades. It started when a group of World War II veterans wanted to visit World War I vets, and the tradition has continued.

"It's the same whether you can or you can't get to a cenotaph to remember," said John Yeo, president of the legion. "It's a special day."

Dignitaries and members of the public also attend to thank the veterans.

"They put their uniform and medals on, they straighten right up as if they were a young soldier again," said Yeo. "It brings them back to memories of days gone by. Which you can't take away from them. Nobody can."

"It's wonderful to see the crowd is here," said Joseph Martin, a WWII vet who was overwhelmed by the service.