Front licence plates for vehicles and special plates for convicted impaired drivers are still under consideration, says Transportation Minister Robert Vessey. (CBC)

There could be further changes coming to vehicle licence plates on P.E.I., says Transportation Minister Robert Vessey.

Last week the province announced it was replacing the five designs now in use on the Island with a single new design.

Vessey told CBC News that newly-designed plate may have to go on the front of your car as well. Vessey is also still considering a plan for special licence plates for people convicted of impaired driving.

"That's something we're still in discussions about right now. It's still something I'm thinking on. We've been talking to law enforcements about it," he said.

"Front plates is something we're looking at as well, because law enforcement want us to bring in front plates."

Vessey first broached the idea of drunk driver plates in December, saying it was time to get more aggressive in the battle against impaired driving. In 2011 P.E.I. had more impaired driving incidents per capita than any other province in Atlantic Canada.

The front plate and drunk driver plate changes to Island plates likely won't happen this year, Vessey said.