Four of the 27 P.E.I. electoral districts had races in which the winner and runner-up were separated by fewer than 100 votes.

In Belfast-Murray River, Liberal incumbent Charlie McGeoghegan beat Progressive Conservative Darlene Compton by just eight votes -- the elections' smallest margin of victory.

McGeoghegan has held the seat since a 2007 byelection that followed former premier Pat Binns' resignation to become ambassador to Ireland.

The districts on both of tips of the Island also had extremely close results.

The eastern-most district of Souris-Elmira was hotly contested between PC Colin LaVie and incumbent Allan Campbell, a key member of the Ghiz cabinet.

The lead flip-flopped through the evening as votes were counted, with LaVie emerging on top by 30 votes.

The area has been hard hit by the closure of the fish plant at North Lake and the Ocean Choice processing plant in Souris this year. The closures resulted in the loss of hundreds of seasonal jobs. For this reason, it was expected Campbell, the innovation minister, would have a fight on his hands.

A similar result took place at the western-most end of the Island. In Tignish-Palmer Road, PC Hal Perry won by 33 votes over Liberal Neil LeClair.

Meanwhile, Liberal Bush Dumville took the Charlottetown riding of West Royalty-Springvale with only 63 votes more than Tory Gary Bowness.

There are no automatic recounts. According to Elections PEI, candidates have four days to apply for a recount. They have to pay $200 to cover the cost of the recount.