The operator of the Global Montessori School in Summerside is offering parents of children attending the facility a free Valentine's evening out.

Kim Ellsworth, with the school, said parents can drop off the children and their siblings for a couple of hours on Valentine's evening.

She said it's important for parents to get out once in a while or to have some time to relax — and she wants to do her part.

“Just an opportunity for the parents to get away. You know I understand how dates are important and vital for relationships and kids benefit when their parents have an opportunity to get away because some of them don't get an opportunity. They might not have family members or babysitters lined up, so they don't really partake in those things. It is sort of our gift to them.  

Ellsworth said the children are encouraged to wear their pyjamas. There will be special activities planned and pizza to eat.

She said so far response has been great.

The Valentine's date night will be between 5:30 and 8 p.m.

Ellsworth is hoping this becomes an annual event.

She said it's possible her Valentine's gesture could result in even more children attending her school, a few years down the road.