Thousands of used tires being stored at two P.E.I. landfills have been shipped off the Island.

Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley says so far more than 6,000 bales — more than two thirds of the tires that had been stored — have been trucked away.

A million crushed and baled tires, collected before 2004,  have been stockpiled at the Sleepy Hollow and Wellington land fill sites.

But the stockpile of tires was deemed a fire hazard and Island Waste Management Corporation decided to ship them to a Quebec company to be recycled.

MacKinley said the removal is ahead of schedule and cost the government hundreds of thousands of dollars less than expected. People are currently charged a $4 levy every time a tire is thrown away.

MacKinley said in the future, some of that money may go toward using old tires on P.E.I.

"All I know is that there is proposals we're looking at, and there'll be some money left over after everything's done, and we might be able to use them here in P.E.I. That's still on the drawing boards."

MacKinley said he hopes the rest of the stockpiled tires will be shipped off the Island in the coming year.