Officials at the University of Prince Edward Island say they'll be watching a smoking ban on the campus of Dalhousie University. Students and staff will no longer be able to smoke anywhere on campus, including outside university buildings.

Gary Bradshaw, the vice president of finance and facilities at UPEI, says the idea of a wider ban on smoking has been discussed in the past.

At present, students at the university can smoke in the student lounge and outside of buildings.

"Well I think we'll have some communication with officials at Dalhousie. I'd be interested to see how they reached their decision to introduce the policy," says Bradshaw. "I understand they did do a campus wide survey of the campus community and used that as a basis of their decision making. And if we were to go that route we'd probably want to follow the same thing."

He says the university's health and safety committee would have responsibility for looking at how the ban at UPEI may be changed.

"I'd also like to know how they plan to enforce the policy as well, because it's one thing to introduce the policy, but you also have to make certain you can maintain the effectiveness of the policy," adds Bradshaw.